Management Team

Jeffrey Sterling

Jeff has been doing apartment management and maintenance in the greater Seattle area for over 50 years. He draws on his engineering background in performing maintenance and coordinating with contractors on site.

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Lisa Sterling

Lisa has been managing apartments for over 15 years. She enjoys applying her engineering, project management, and communication background to provide excellent service tailored to residents’ specific needs.

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Brice Wilkerson
Remote Support

Brice spent several years on site helping residents and implementing new amenities. While he is no longer local, he continues to offer remote support for office functions, software, and amenities.

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Jackson Sterling
Resident Manager/Maintenance

As a resident manager, Jackson is available to assist tenants with any immediate or after-hours maintenance needs. Jack enjoys working with his hands from grounds-work to painting. He truly is a Jack of all trades!

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Maggie Menzimer
Resident Manager

As a resident manager, Maggie lives on-site and is available to assist with the residents’ needs, such as parcel delivery and emergency response. You may see Maggie around the property making sure everything is looking good!

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Stephen Sterling
Tech Team

Stephen works both on-site and remotely as part of our tech team. He works on projects such as security cameras, callbox, and networking. You may also see Stephen on-site assisting with other projects.

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Jurr Sterling

Jurr officially joined the TCIE team after graduating from Western Washington University, although he’s been working off and on for several years. He primarily works remotely and is responsible for resident communications, leasing, and other administrative functions.

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Clayton Earls
Maintenance Tech

Clayton is an all-around handyman with extensive background in construction, maintenance, and painting. He is on site regularly and enjoys being part of the maintenance team.

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